It is obvious to anyone that a preemptive strike against Iraq by the United States would be wrong. As citizens of Japan and the world, we declare our unwavering opposition to an act of this kind.

Not only has the United States demonstrated its readiness to stand in isolation from the United Nations, it has gone as far as entertaining the possibility of indiscriminately slaughtering the people of Iraq through the use of nuclear weapons.

Japan is a nation that maintains friendly relations with both the United States and Iraq. In the light of this position, it is essential that Japan refuse to cooperate in any manner with a unilateral attack of Iraq by the United States. Further, Japan should do everything in its power to act as an intermediary between the two countries and ensure the prevention of any acts of war.

September 11, 2002

Association for the Realization of Japan as a Conscientious Objector Nation
(Ryoshinteki Gunji Kyohi Kokka Nihon Jitsugen no Kai)
Chairperson: ODA Makoto
Secretariat: YAMAMURA Masaharu
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Kansai Citizens' Opinions 30 (Shimin no Iken 30, Kansai)
Chairperson: ODA Makoto
Secretariat: KITAGAWA Seiichirou, KANAI Kazuko
#Kitagawa, 3-6-8 Yamamoto cho, Yao City, Osaka, Japan 581-0867
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