Declaration with regard to the "War of Retaliation" by the United Statesof America

September 11, 2001 will never be forgotten by the world's citizens in the first year of the 21st century. This was the date of the "suicide bombings" by terrorists making use of passenger airplanes to crash into the World Trade Center towers rising up into the sky at the center of New York. Those who were killed were all civilians. They were innocent, defenseless citizens of many nationalities, and they were killed in their thousands.

The US Government is calling loudly for "retaliation". There are steady ongoing preparations for war, and in recognition of the seriousness of this terrorist attack targeting key figures, they are even threatening their opponents by saying that they have not ruled out the use of nuclear force. Just a minute. "Retaliation" through war in response to a "suicide bombing" terrorist attack, really a barbarian act ? is this really the kind of action that civilized nations or civilization itself should be taking?

If our citizens are killed, we should kill in return. Violence in response to violence... the 20th century ended as this endless pattern was meaninglessly repeated. In fact, not just the 20th century ? this has been the pattern of humankind throughout history. Taking the law into one's own hands in the name of revenge leads to the other party responding in kind, and "retaliation" continues without end between the two parties. Surely what is meant by civilization is the will of humankind to put a stop to this meaningless and continuous cycle?

Currently, the USA is trying to drag the rest of the world into a "war of retaliation" for which there is no clear evidence, nor any basis in legal grounds. The US has been thrown into adversity for the first time in its history, and it is the duty of other countries, whether they be "allies" or not, to help the US.
However, what should be done is not to become a subject nation of the United States, nor add to the "madness" of war. We should help following our own principles and offer help in our own way.

Throughout the world, governments, economies, militaries and other fields have all conventionally been based on the principle of "might is right". It is in this principle and reality that acts of terrorism are rooted. We urge Japan to do its very best to change the way in which the world has always operated. In the past, we started a war against the USA with our attack on Pearl Harbor, and even resorted to the use of kamikaze suicide bombing attacks. Through reflection on the mistakes of such a past, we have established and kept Peace Constitution, which enshrines the principle of problem-solving without recourse to violence or military force. True peace can never be achieved through force, massacre or war.

What is now necessary is for Japan to act in accordance with the principles of its Peace Constitution. There are various things that we should do. For example, the Prime Minister of Japan, as Prime Minister of a country with a Peace Constitution, should immediately begin working on the realization of peace between Israel and Palestine, a situation that is directly related to the terrible events in the US. Such an effort would without doubt form a vital step towards the realization of world peace and the eradication of terrorism. And it could change the way in which the world operates.

September 21, 2001

Association for the Realization of Japan as a Conscientious Objector Nation
(Ryoshinteki Gunji Kyohi Kokka Nihon Jitsugen no Kai)
Director: Makoto Oda
Secretariat Chief: Masaharu Yamamura

Kansai Citizens' Opinions 30 (Shimin no Iken 30, Kansai)
Director: Makoto Oda