It was wrong for the United States to attack Iraq.

We, the authors of the "Declaration of September 11, 2002," stand united with the citizens of Japan and the world in opposition to this act of aggression.

Weapons of mass destruction, the pretext used by the United States to justify a unilateral attack on Iraq, have yet to be found.

In the aftermath of the bloodshed and destruction caused by the attack, to reconstruct the country, it is now necessary to bring "peace" and "democracy" to Iraq - the time for "combat boots" has already passed.

We declare our firm opposition to the "New Iraq Reconstruction Bill," proposed by the Japanese government, which would result in the dispatch of the Self-Defense Forces.

it is obvious to anyone that an action of this sort would be entirely unjustifiable and utterly abhorrent.

Stop the dispatch of the troops. Crush the bill.

We are sending this "Declaration" out to Japan and the world.

June 13, 2003

Association for the Realization of Japan as a Conscientious Objector Nation
(Ryoshinteki Gunji Kyohi Kokka Nihon Jitsugen no Kai)
Chairperson: ODA Makoto
Secretariat: YAMAMURA Masaharu

Kansai Citizens' Opinions 30 (Shimin no Iken 30, Kansai)
Chairperson: ODA Makoto
Secretariat: KITAGAWA Seiichirou, KANAI Kazuko